7 Moves The Jets Must Make

With every Tom, Dick, and Harry clamoring for some off-season moves to be made, I thought I could throw my number into the hat.  After all, there are a thousand possibilities for Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum to pursue.  Given his current inventory versus his possible inventory, Tannenbaum’s grocery list may start to look like Kate Gosselin’s.

With that, I’ve narrowed down 7 things I feel the Jets need to get done this off-season in order to be a Super Bowl caliber team again.  These aren’t in any particular order, though, the Jets may need to do one of these, before they can do others A.K.A. freeing up some cap space, depending on the CBA of course.

1.) Re-Sign Santonio Holmes

Holmes was the Jets #1 playmaker last year and has had a relatively quiet off-season, which in Holmes case, is a good thing.  Remember during Hard Knocks telling Marty Schottenheimer that Holmes was the best player on the field?  He knows what he has and they’ll waste no time trying to sign Holmes once free agency begins. 

2.) Stay away from Jason Taylor

The Jets and Rex Ryan both need to stay away from Jason Taylor.  He produced a couple big plays for the Jets last year but not sure you couldn’t get a couple big plays out of your younger, faster, and stronger linebackers, like Jamaal Westerman.  See what I’m trying to say here?  Yes, there are options for Rex and Mike Pettine.  Let Taylor “dance” off into the sunset and into his announcer’s booth.

3.) Do Not Re-Sign Brad Smith

Smith’s presence will be missed, but not in the offense.  He made his mark in Special Teams, thriving under veteran Special Teams Coordinator Coach Mike Westhoff.  Westhoff’s scheme seems to produce Pro Bowl caliber return specials.  See Brad Smith, Leon Washington, Justin Miller.  CB, Kyle Wilson offers value in the return game.  We shouldn’t overpay for a kick-return specialist when there are more pressing needs.

4.) Release Bryan Thomas

Thomas’ mediocrity has somehow made him a small fortune playing for the Jets.  He’s not getting it done.  Tackles, Sacks, and just about everything else screams “average”.  Though Thomas is a leader on the field, it’s time for someone else to step up and play that role for the Jets but also produce on the field.

5.) Re-Sign Braylon Edwards

The Jets should get a discount price with Braylon Edwards, he hasn’t exactly been a model citizen since coming over to New York from Cleveland.  But, what doesn’t really get talked about is how he’s done some good things off the field (Like when he came through on his promise to donate big $$$ to youth back in Cleveland to help for college.)  Still, he claims he’s not asking for a fortune from the Jets so we’ll see if the Jets can free up money to keep him and Holmes.

6.) Re-Sign RT Damien Woody

Woody is nearing the end of his career but he should still be able to start one more season at right tackle.  I don’t think the Jets feel comfortable enough handing it over to raw, unpolished second year player, Vladimir Ducasse.  So, re-signing Woody should be a priority if anything to account for some depth on the offensive line.  By all indications, Woody expects to be fully healed for the start of the season. 

7.) No Cromartie?  No problem.

I’m not sure if the Jets need to re-sign Cromartie because I don’t believe he is a physical enough corner to fit in Rex Ryan’s system.  So, the Jets could dip into the Nnamdi Asomugha bidding war but I doubt they will because if they do, they can forget about some of their other core players, like David Harris, next year.  I think Tannenbaum will likely let Cromartie walk and Rex will put Kyle Wilson start on the outside where he probably more naturally fits.  Think about this, though Cromartie is a physical beast, the Jets allowed 24 touchdowns last year, with Cromartie, compared to 8 touchdowns in 2009 (with Lito Sheppard?!?!).  I don’t quite understand it, but I think Cromartie is probably more of a liability in the run game than he is a credit to the passing game.

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