JFD Roster Review: Offensive Line

This is the first in my series of evaluating the New York Jets roster.  I’ll examine additions, losses, weaknesses, and strengths.  We’re starting with one of the biggest question marks going into the season: the offensive line.

Total Position Salary

$22,290,860 (per OverTheCap.com)

Key Losses

G, Matt Slauson (Free Agent)

G, Brandon Moore (Free Agent)

G, Jason Smith (Free Agent)

Key Additions

G, Brian Winters (Draft – 3rd Rd)

G, Oday Oboushi (Draft – 5th Rd)

G, William Campbell (Draft – 6th Rd)

G, Stephen Peterman (Free Agent)

T, Willie Colon (Free Agent)

T, Trey Gilleo (UDFA)

C, Dalton Freeman (UDFA)

OL, Mark Popek (UDFA)


Once a focal point of the team, the offensive line is going through a tough rebuilding phase.  Gone is right guard stalwart Brandon Moore as well as starting, yet oddly rotational, left guard Matt Slauson.  The front office emphasized the position in the draft, drafting 3 offensive lineman.  One of those, William Campbell, was a defensive lineman in college but Idzik and the Jets drafted him as an offensive lineman.

They signed veteran lineman Willie Colon and Stephen Peterman to 1-year deals and figure to throw them into the competition which will be good for the young guys.  Colon has had a few big injuries in his career and has missed quite a few games over the past few years, which more than likely forced the Steelers to release him.

Newly drafted Brian Winters is the wild card of this bunch, he could sneak into the starting lineup if he performs well this offseason at camp.  He’s a mauling run-blocker who could slide ahead of either Colon or Peterman at guard.

I’m still not sure what they do with former 2nd round pick Vladimir Ducasse, who was on the field last year as part of the left guard rotation with Matt Slauson but was/is terrible.  They probably need to cut their losses with King Ugly.

Best Guess Starters

LT: D’Brickashaw Ferguson

LG: Stephen Peterman

C: Nick Mangold

RG: Willie Colon

RT: Austin Howard

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