Game Tape: Trevor Reilly, OLB, Utah

In the very first “Game Tape” series, where I’ll be breaking down specific plays by New York Jets draft picks, we are going to take a look at Trevor Reilly.  Reilly (6’5″ 245 lbs) was selected as the 18th pick in the 7th round, 233rd overall.

Reilly will be a 26 yr old rookie, and even as a 7th round pick, a lot more will be expected of him because of his age.  He was projected to go a lot higher than the 7th round but fell to the 7th for a few reasons.  I mentioned his age and he also had injury concerns coming out of Utah.  The Jets need depth at the linebacker position and Reilly could find a niche.

Let’s get into it.


Reilly can be a bit slow off the ball at times.  This is despite having good speed when rushing the passer.  He can also be blocked easy by being pushed up field, very similar to Aaron Maybin, however, Reilly has more bulk than Maybin and can improve his pass-rushing moves, whereas Maybin was more of a one-trick pony.

Here, Reilly lines up at ROLB as he goes up against the left tackle from USC and as long as the tackle keeps him outside, is really no threat.  A spin or swim move inside could really be effective for a guy of Reilly’s speed.

In this clip, Reilly is at LOLB against a Stanford rushing play.  Reilly’s size is what stands out here. He’s up against the fullback and isn’t able to get through or past him to make the play.  Reilly can really benefit from an NFL offseason program.


Speed and quickness.  Reilly can use his speed and athletic ability to get through blockers and lineman alike.  He has played injured (played 2012 on a torn right ACL) and never gives up on the play.  While he has to fine tune some of his pass rush moves, he shows patience in space.  But, his speed rushing the passer is impressive.

Here against USC, Reilly demonstrates a terrific spin move on the left guard and closes on the quarterback for the sack.  An absolutely terrific play by Reilly.

In another sack against USC, Reilly once again demonstrates his quickness in an all-out blitz by the defense in being able to reach the QB first for the sack.

Bottom Line

There are some concerns but I think Reilly can benefit from Rex Ryan.  He will also benefit from NFL training program.  He needs strength to go with his speed and will need to fine-tune his pass rush moves for the NFL.

He reminds me of Margus Hunt, defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals.  They are both 26.  Both have potential but need to adjust to the NFL in more than a few ways.  Hunt was 25 when drafted in the 2nd round of 2013 by the Bengals.

In short, Reilly is an easy guy to root for and I’ll be following Reilly closely this season.

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